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About Us

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International
Re-shaping America by redirecting future generations to our Judeo Christian heritage through education and media.

It all began when Bradlee was asked to speak at a Minnesota high school by some of the youth he worked with. He didn't speak at the school that year but was immediately drawn to the idea of helping high school kids. This idea birthed a vision to reach young people from coast to coast and from nation to nation. However, the vision did not become a reality until three years later when Bradlee was asked to speak at another Minnesota school. The door was opened and Bradlee spoke at his first high school assembly. The assembly reached approximately 1,500 students and was so liked by the principal that Bradlee was asked to return the following year. Bradlee accepted and You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International was born!

YCRBYCHI started off in Bradlee's basement and later grew into a small office space in Robbinsdale, Minnesota with a crew of about 18 people. For the next 5 years YCRBYCHI expanded 3 times and even though the occupied space was a block long, the facility didn’t quite meet all the needs. So, YCRBYCHI moved to a new space in Annandale, Minnesota where our administration offices and meeting facilities are currently located. As awesome as this may sound, it didn't happen without a lot of trials, research and hard work.
The first year YCRBYCHI started it only performed one high school assembly and just three the following year. The third year YCRBYCHI reached nine high schools and had begun to perform at concerts, festivals and rallies. YCRBYCHI began growing slowly but surely and all extra time was spent overcoming obstacles, fundraising and laboring to reach kids with a message of hope. Everyday seemed to yield another challenge, but the crew had been handpicked and chosen for the work. Only those who had "hands-on" experience with the issues these kids face (drugs, alcohol, abuse, violence, etc.) and a heart to make a difference persevered through these leaner times. Although it was discouraging, the more kids that were reached, the brighter the vision burned. The tougher the challenges, the greater our determination is to overcome all hindrances.

During these first three years, the obstacles and challenges helped to lay the strong foundation that prepared YCRBYCHI for the upcoming years. The fourth year YCRBYCHI reached 23 schools in ND, SD, MN, WI, IA, and OK. The fifth year YCRBYCHI has reached 34 schools, adding the states of CO, KS, and MO to the list and even started a radio show called, “School of Hard Knocks.” “School of Hard Knocks” aired every Saturday from 1 - 3 PM on KKMS in Minneapolis, Minnesota. KKMS has a listening audience of approximately 80,000 people per week. The sixth year we reached 100 schools adding the states of FL, GA, TN, MO and NE. To date we have performed at over 300 schools and through assembly programs, concerts, festivals, rallies and radio shows YCRBYCHI has touched at least 500,000 young people. We have also redirected our radio efforts, airing our new program, "The Sons of Liberty" on AM1280 The Patriot every Saturday from 3 - 5 PM, and replayed Sundays from 1-3 PM. We also broadcast on AM1260 WRC in Washington, D.C. Saturdays from 4-6 PM EST. We have reached AT LEAST 1 million young people from coast to coast, and from nation to nation. With your help we can well exceed that goal and bring permanent change to the people in your community and to the whole nation.