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Deadlock Drum Pad with Instructional DVD


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Deadlock Drum Pad with Instructional DVD


Deadlock Drum Pad with Instructional DVD


Deadlock is a state-of-the-art drum instructional DVD unlike any other. Bradlee Dean, Christian rap-core drummer for Junkyard Prophet, will show you how to raise the standard of drumming and give you the training you need to excel. Comprehensive, yet easy to understand, Deadlock explores it all, from basics to advanced. You'll learn the rudiments, double bass, snare, soloing, stick spinning and much more.

Bradlee's band, Junkyard Prophet, has been compared to such groups as Dragon Force, Linkin Park, and Rage Against the Machine. However, you will learn how to play all types of music from funk to rap, speed-metal, country and the blues. Watch also as Bradlee performs eight Junkyard Prophet songs and be inspired as you learn the scriptural message behind each one. This DVD is guaranteed to help you hone your skills with the sticks. Psalm 33:3; "play skillfully with a loud noise."

Package Includes:

  • Deadlock Drum Pad
  • Deadlock Drum Instructional DVD
  • Signature Drum Sticks
  • Testimony Book by Bradlee Dean
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